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De nouveaux amis pour changer des vies /Making Friends, Changing Lives

Bulletin | Newsletter 2017

Compeer’s 30th Birthday! 

Compeer Montreal was founded in 1986, and to celebrate its 30th anniversary, we decided to host a party for our team that helps make Compeer the great place that it is. We transformed the office and turned it into a dinner party atmosphere, full of bobble-lights and colourful decorations. The number ‘30’ was scattered around the room, on napkins and posters, and we all looked back at the number with pride and joy, knowing how far we have all come, together.

While we most definitely did celebrate with food and drinks, the most pleasing part was celebrating our mission and the success we’ve had in achieving it thus far.

Cheers to 30 years!


Volunteer Support & Mentoring Session 


Being a Compeer volunteer can be a fulfilling yet challenging experience. And so, on September 28th, we at Compeer decided to host a Volunteer Support and Mentoring Session, given by Ms. Rena Klisouris. This gave our volunteers the opportunity to meet each other, as well as be able to share their experiences and advice. As always, our sessions feature a topic of discussion, and this session’s respective topic was self-care.

Trip to the Chagall Exhibit

On February 28th, we visited the Museum of Fine Arts in Downtown Montreal. Chagall: Colour and Music is the biggest Canadian exhibition ever devoted to Marc Chagall. Featuring 340 works of art and a large selection of films, photographs and musical excerpts, this multidisciplinary display is the first to focus on Chagall’s profound connection to music. So, it goes without saying; we had to go see it! We took some of our participants on this little excursion, especially since some of them appreciate art.

Compeer gets flexible!

Yoga is known for having many spiritual and physical benefits, and we at Compeer want to get all our members involved in the path to wellbeing. Thus, on March 28th, our friend Maria Zacchia kindly hosted a free yoga class at an introductory level, to spark an interest in anyone who was curious but not too sure. You can read more about her below!


Maria completed her Yoga Teacher Training Program with Dr. Bali to seek a deeper understanding of herself and the world. Maria enjoys using yoga as a tool to guide her students through relaxation. Focused on uniting the mind, body and spirit, Maria aspires to help raise awareness of the many benefits of yoga in health promotion and disease prevention.


To Healthy Living! Compeer’s nutrition workshops.

1- Nutrition-June 14, 2016On April 26th, 2017, Compeer hosted Marilyn Rabin (Nut./Diet.) from the Douglas Hospital who presented a nutrition workshop on healthy eating and the importance of maintaining a clean and natural diet. The event presented an information session on how psychoactive medication influences appetite.

The nutritionist was accompanied by an intern, Ms. Louidgina Khoury, who provided our participants with a natural recipe for Coconut overnight oats. Our Liaison Agent, Stephanie, tried it for herself and says it’s delicious! You can find the recipe down below!

Coconut Oats

Suicide Action X Compeer 

In the month of May, Compeer was proud to welcome Mr. Jonathan MacArthur, who hosted a suicide prevention workshop for our volunteers. Suicide remains extremely difficult to predict, however, there are a number of risk factors that can help us recognize it. Mr. MacArthur shed light on the different factors, and ways we can intervene and help.


Once a week, we like to host a little break at our office for our participants to talk about their days and activities over muffins, donuts, and of course, coffee, that we provide them with. It’s a nice opportunity for them to socialize and get to know each other more.