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De nouveaux amis pour changer des vies /Making Friends, Changing Lives

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Compeer Montreal is a community center for individuals struggling with mental health problems, and a  one-on-one supportive relationship with a volunteer friend.

Volunteers provide a much- needed companionship through meetings once a week and engaging in various social activities to help them reintegrate into society.


As we look at the challenges in today’s fast paced world it is clear that stress is the leading cause of most illness. Stress prevents the body’s innate ability to heal itself and maintain a natural state of wellness. Studies show that depression and anxiety will be the number one disability by 2020. The good news is that a regular yoga practice can awaken our own body’s natural healing response to manage stress, and ultimately tap into our full potential for healing and wellness. Yoga teaches people to attune the mind to the body and consciously manage stress and other emotions by setting the relaxation response in motion and awakening the powers of the body to eliminate disease and suffering.

Tapping into your relaxation response allows your body to regenerate just like when you’re in deep sleep except you are aware of everything around you. The benefits of breathing exercises and postures allow the body to regulate the chakra systems and release the right dose of hormones required to keep our bodies balanced. People with depression who have low levels of serotonin will benefit from a yoga class to balance their hormones. Serotonin is a happy hormone released by the hypothalamus gland in our brain. Yoga also teaches us how to focus, relax and improves energy levels to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.



Here are some of the activities; past and present

Compeer regularly hosts recreational and educational activities at its center. Game day, painting, jewelry beading, movie day, cooking and baking, book readings, music appreciation and birthday celebrations. Girls’ day including manicures, full make- up session, hair styling and fashion advice.

Nutrition and healthy eating is very important to our members  and something that we, at Compeer, highly encourage. Therefore, once a month we receive Marilyn R.; nutritionist from the Douglas Hospital.



Hello, I’m Barry and I really enjoy coming to Compeer and spending time with the others. I especially enjoy the outings such as going to the museums, Planetarium, trying new restaurants and St- Joseph’s Oratory. I particularly enjoy going to the educational outings. When I go to Compeer, I enjoy playing cards with the others and talking while we drink coffee and attending their parties. I find it to be very interesting when Marilyn the nutritionist comes every month. Everyone is so nice and I feel safe that I can talk about anything. Thank you hope you enjoyed reading.” ~BARRY

“Hello, my name is Guy and my volunteer’s name is Tom, It has been  5 years since we first became buddies. We talk on the phone a lot, go for coffee and sometimes grab a bite to eat. I love to talk to Tom about my week and in turn, he tells me about his. We share jokes and enjoy great conversations during our meetings. I have grown very close to Tom and consider him a great friend and a good person. I even met his wonderful family . I am thankful to have him in my life and to have Compeer. The people at Compeer are so very nice and I really like that I am able to connect with other members there too. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of Compeer.” ~ GUY

MONTREAL WALKS for mental health


Compeer Montreal is proud to announce its participation in this year’s “Walk for Mental Health”, which took place October 15, 2017, downtown Montreal. Many were in attendance this year. Compeer was proud to be the recipient of a $2,000 donation from the Montreal Walks Foundation. This money is very much appreciated and will go towards improving our services in the next year.


Share the Warmth donations 2017


We once again offered our services to collect donations such as food, clothes and toys for the wonderful organization Share the Warmth! YAY Thanks and happy holidays !

Here are a few contributions from our friends

Positive vibes to all!

“When it is easy to frown, smile. When it is easy to take, give. And when it is easy to judge, don’t. As the saying goes, “individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean.” ~Tom

green-flowerWhat Do Green Flowers Mean?

It is no surprise that green flowers are a symbol of life, new beginnings, springtime, nature and youth. They can also represent health or resilience against illness as well as good fortune, fertility, well being, renewal and optimism.

Popular green flowers** include chrysanthemums, roses, carnations, hydrangea, cymbidium orchids and spider chrysanthemums. (**Author’s Note: Some of these flowers are actually dyed green at local florists). (fun fact :Compeer’s logo happens to be green)

giraffeA joke to add to your pleasant day !!

Of course I should clean my windows.

But privacy is important too.